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Customer Service Specialists — Associates complete returns and exchanges, collect recycled electronics, and answer customer questions. Workers should be polite, able to work in a fast-paced environment, and enjoy working with the public. Inventory specialists must be able to lift repeatedly and perform other basic manual labor. Job seekers can explore current openings on the company website.

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Application forms are also available in store. Best Buy regularly holds recruiting events and job fairs, as well.

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Get to know current products and trends in electronics and entertainment before interviewing. Applicants must pass a personality evaluation to be considered for hire.

After completing the test, employers reach out to passing candidates. Job seekers can log in to online profiles to check on current application statuses, as well. Employees receive store discounts, paid training, and the ability to work flexible hours. Team members are eligible for raises, promotions, paid time off, and paid vacations. Access to health coverage, life insurance, and k retirement plans are among job benefits full-time workers can qualify for.

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Best Buy runs a recycling program that collects broken and old computers, televisions, and other products. The retailer recycles them and helps reduce electronic wastes. Altogether, the retail chain has recycled more than one billion pounds of electronics. Best Buy will train you and teach you everything you need to know, however, some previous knowledge is required. If you want to work in the computer department, make sure you know about the latest laptops.

If you want to work in the appliance department, make sure you do some research on appliances before your interview and showcase your knowledge. I got my job at Best Buy via a job fair; they were hiring for seasonal positions in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. Best Buy requires three separate interviews, the last of which is with the general manager. You have to be 16 years old and you have to pass the 50 question test.

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One of the largest markets for the company, Best Buy Canada operates as one of the largest retailers in the country for consumer electronics, entertainment, and appliances. In addition to electronics, Best Buy offers customer service and tech support for any and all shopper needs. Best Buy also carries mobile phone services, as well, including all of the updated smart phone models. Many Best Buy stores in Canada even carry exclusive electronics brands.

Best Buy Canada employs hundreds of workers across the country. However, the company routinely hires dedicated and reliable new team members for multiple positions. Applicants may find part-time jobs and full-time opportunities by applying with Best Buy. The company offers everything from retail jobs, distribution center positions, and Geek Squad or technical support work.

Individuals interested in Best Buy jobs may apply online or at store locations. When seeking employees, Best Buy promotes four core values for successful employment: Sales and Service — Sales and service members with Best Buy take over the retail aspect of the company.

Each day, sales associates must greet customers, organize the sales floor, and assist with any shopper needs. Successful sales and service associates must communicate comfortably with hundreds of visitors each day.

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Additionally, sales associates should learn features of new and current Best Buy products. Some sales associate jobs exist in full-time, part-time, and seasonal capacities. Associates mainly sell a wide variety of cell phones and phone plans. Best Buy Mobile workers must be familiar with various smart phones and other plans. Constantly updating technology and operating systems require Best Buy Mobile employees to stay updated on new and current technology.

Distribution Center — Employment with Best Buy Canada distribution centers feature jobs including shippers, receivers, technicians, team leads, and supervisors. Based out of Ontario and British Columbia, distribution center workers help deliver product and merchandise to stores throughout the country.

Reliant on logistics, distribution center workers with Best Buy must stay detail-oriented and work on a timetable. Geek Squad Member — Geek Squad employees with Best Buy provide in-depth technical support and troubleshooting to customers.

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Geek Squad members must be knowledgeable around different types of computers and operating systems. Team members often help customers with very limited computer knowledge. Benefits of Working at Best Buy Canada Outside of competitive hourly wages and annual salary options, Best Buy Canada offers several additional employee benefits.