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Rated 3 out of 5 by Woody from Wear and tear I am a little disappointed in the longevity of the product. It seems I need to replace it just after the warranty is out. Usually around the corners in the front or by the clip that you need to open for the charge cord. Making it not waterproof and unusable on the motorcycle, the main reason I need it for Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by William from Perfect fit Fits perfect on my phone making all functionality work like a charm.

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Other cases quite match up. Had a Life Proof on my previous phone. Had to replace phone and was given another brand of cover and although it fit and the phone functioned some features did not operate as well as they do with the Lifeproof. Worth the money. Rated 5 out of 5 by DeeAnn from Happy with life proof case!!

My phone looks like new except where the apple shows throw the back of the phone it is sun bleached. I love the life proof case. Excellent quality!! Rated 5 out of 5 by Sporty Sarah from Sleek I really like the slim and sleek design. Very easy to hold. Rated 5 out of 5 by Steve from The great protector This is my second life proof case for my 6 se the first one protected my phone for two years and helped it survive a few falls to the concrete floors lid the face never scratched the only bit that failed at about two years was the sound on and off switch which split and eventually came away from the rest of the case.

The cover over the charging port swings down and out of the way, and there is no problem charging or syncing. If you have an existing screen protecting film over your screen, the case screen protecter case's screen cover may appear to stick to it especially when the screen is dark or off. I recommend, however, that you use a film on the screen in addition to the case's screen cover. It is a little annoying I suppose, but it is not noticeable when the screen is lit.

It has no effect on the functionality. There is a little more difficulty when tapping or swiping from the edges of the screen, because of the slight raised edge of the case. The edge helps protect the screen however. I have not found it to be a problem at all, but I mention it to those who have larger fingers.

Also, I have been told if you use the Apple headphone that comes with the iPhone, you do not need to use the included adapter that keeps the phone waterproof. I gave these to my daughter to use with my old iPhone 4S. Not of the headphones I use when running will fit through headphone opening on the case. The iPhone 5 headphone port is on the bottom of the phone, and they may make a difference. I sweat a lot when I run, and it soaks my arm band, I would likely use the adapter even if my YurBuds jack fit snuggly. Important note: The little cover over the case's headphone port screws off and fits securely into a spot on the adapter making losing the cover unlikely.

I believe there is a second one included in the case's box, but I haven't lost one and have had to worry about it. Though it's not exactly perfect, but I am truly very happy with it, so I give it 5 stars. It's five star to me! One person found this helpful. Is it possible that the vendor sent me a counterfeit? When I received the case, the packaging all looked legit and exactly like my previous Lifeproof cases. The case itself, however, the back was a little warped.


It did however snap on, and looked great. I was so excited to have a new case, as Lifeproof cases only last years before falling apart. Sadly, this looks good, but after a month of using the case sold by this vendor, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to discover it is cracked at the top. I read many reviews for this product. While I was initially hesitant on purchasing for the sound quality issues mentioned in other's comments, mine decision was based purely on practical use - I wanted something that would protect my iPhone 5 while riding on a mortorcycle.

The mount that is available was the defining factor, and I figured if the sound was too bad, I would just use it while riding. Upon receiving the product next day thanks to the distribution center it was shipped from, thank you Amazon! I performed the waterproof tests as suggested in the accompanying documentation. Passed, no problems. Placed my phone in, again, no issues, fit like a glove. Then I made a few calls to my elderly parents, who often complain they can't "hear me".

Iphone Se/5s/5 Lifeproof Fre Waterproof Green Case Australia

Never heard anything on my end, and no complaints from them. Again, score! Tried a little music over the speaker Overall, since I only planned to use it for GPS on the motorcycle, I am actually happier than I expected with the case, and have been using it since it arrived without complaint. This is a genuine Life Proof case as purchased from Amazon.

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Per the directions I water tested the case and it passed. Installed on the phone and took under water pictures in the pool i do not recommend this, do it your own risk So far this case has protected my iPhone 5 from rain and a few drops. One drop actually left a mark on the corner, it was a 6ft drop on to asphalt. The case maintains the i5's smallish thin size which is why I have one, it's the best small smart phone I hate belt clips and this case allows me to slip in my pocket with ease.

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  • I few people have complained about the external jack extension that has to be used with the case to maintain it's waterproof capabilities. It is long and I guess could be in the way, I don't use it myself but if you want waterproof then don't complain. IMO this is the best phone case on the market. The item appeared to be used or defective when I opened the box. It did not fit properly at least not like the ones I have seen on other people's iPhones. The finish appeared to be defective and the screen appeared to be too large for the case itself.

    I have returned the item to Amazon and have been issued credit. I would recommend that Amazon review their supplier to make certain they are not being sold defective items, seconds, or possible counterfeit merchandise. I was very disappointed with the item, but not with Amazon, who gave my money back and paid the shipping to return the item.

    As always, Amazon is a class act! See all reviews. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: Telephone Accessories , best protective case for iphone 5s , best iphone 7 waterproof case , best iphone 5 waterproof case , Best lifeproof case for iphone , Best lifeproof cases for ipad. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Standard Packaging Verified Purchase.

    My husband has always used the lifeproof cases due to their durability and the fact that they keep the phones safe from the elements. This is the second one that my husband has owned now. I will say that the only flaw that I truly see in this product is the fact that both of the cases that my husband has owned have actually broke right at the usb port.

    The latch broke on both of the cases. However, I know that the first case that we bought, lifeproof was great in their warranty department and sent him out a brand new case, when we contacted them.

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    • We will be doing the same with this case, thus, if there are any issues with the replacement, I will come back and edit my review and let you know. If you are looking for a good case to product your phone from the elements and all over wear and tear, I think this is a good product. If you have issues with the usb latch, make sure to let the manufacturer know and you should receive a replacement case. We just had to send pictures of the case along with an email to the manfacturer. One person found this helpful. Case stood up well to torrential downpours and many, many drops.

      After 10 months maybe a bit less? After just over a year literally 13 months , the switch cover fell off, the phone case cracked at the headphone jack, and the front cover slipped out of the rubber siding. Multiple times since it first happened. I suspect pocket bending is the root cause. I superglued the front back in, but the case is most definitely NOT waterproof anymore. No wonder LifeProof's warranty is only good for a year Photos taken at night also have a strange highlight from any lights in the photo frame.

      The plastic on the outside of the case causes a distortion of some sort and the lights have a highlight I would say shadow, but it's a light spot and not a dark spot. This especially happens with Christmas Lights or festival lights. The case also has the usual waterproof case "are you talking through a tunnel?

      The other side sounds slightly muted, and you sound muted to them, compared to having no case or just a rugged case. This didn't bother me as much, as I'd rather just not talk to anyone anyways. Plus, headphones solve this easily. Otherwise a solid case. I just wish it was durable enough to actually stand up to my life for more than a year. I bought a red LP case about 9 months ago via Target and really enjoyed it. I wanted a black one because I like how slick it looks. When I saw the picture here on Amazon for this "updated" 5s version I liked how the headphone plug now connects and hangs from the actual case, not needing to worry about losing it.

      I also liked how you can stick the headphones into the case without the "screw in" cable that I got with my older case. None of those things are on the case I got! It's just like my older case except it feels cheaper! My Target bought case feels more "rubbery" around the outer trim and sturdier all around. This case feels like it can break on the first fall. It does have the finger sensor that my older case doesn't have, but I don't have the 5s so I haven't used it.

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      The reason I went with this case was not only because of how safe I felt with my older case, but because of the improvements mentioned. I thought about returning it, but didn't do it because my local Targets didn't have the black version in stock for me to compare.

      Anyway, I suggest buying these type of cases from your local Target or similar retailer because it's so easy to get bootlegged versions of these type of products online. I've had this for a little bit more than a year. I'm not a hard phone user; just standard in the back pocket or thrown in my backpack. For the price and the company's reputation, if a bit disappointed in this case. Within months the thin film over the home key became loose; after m fell off completely. This left the case no longer waterproof and now subject to dirt, etc getting under the screen cover and can't be cleaned without taking the case apart completely which is no small feat.

      In the last month, the top corner of the plastic that wraps the edge of the phone came off, so now the screen cover is wiggling it's way loose as well. It looks like I might have to go back to Otterbox: After a year of using this case the piece of plastic covering the fingerprint scanner ripped. Soon after that, the rubber near the silencing switch began to peel off as well.

      Was still fantastic to use for a year but not durable much past that. Traded in my otter box Defender for this case.

      Lifeproof Slam and Next Cases for iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus

      I was skeptical of the support that this case would provide compared to the otter box but it has withstood several drops from my lap while getting out of the car onto the pavement, and from my loft bed onto carpet. In addition, the waterproofing of the case has been more beneficial for protection than the shock resistance. It has been very useful when taking my phone out on runs and getting stuck in the rain, as long as the headphone jack is in place. It has also been extremely beneficial for motorcycle navigation.

      I use my phone for audio navigation while riding motorcycle and occasionally glance at the maps and this case has withstood a soaking that would have killed my phone in the defender case. Also the defender case allowed sand and dust to be in contact with my screen. This case has been withstood all of the outdoor activities that I enjoy and have enjoyed the case for over a year without problems. I've had at least 5 of these Lifeproof cases and the problem.

      Looks like Lifeproof would correct the issue. I want buy another one, not worth the money.