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Seamlessly manage multiple social accounts all in one place. Check out links, videos and images in your main timeline without having to leave the app. UberSocial supports inline viewing of photos and videos from the following services: United States. Search Account. Download this mobile software from your mobile by using our WAP site https: About this Mobile Software Category: Monday 28, September Publisher Page: Android Software Type: Freeware Tags: For more info about UberSocial, check out http: No comments posted for this file.

Be the first and post your comments. Login to post comments. Related Mobile Downloads. Just like I do with Google. Why would I check in on Swarm when I can do the same on Facebook? When I can tag everything I post on Twitter and Instagram with the location? Not even a new CEO will help Foursquare. Sorry, that ship sailed. Checking in to exotic locations to get rare badges?

Sounds about right. That worked for Foursquare.

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It worked for Klout see below and, definitely, it was going to work for our TV-watching habits. And work it did since Get Glue became the glue that bound us with our favourite TV shows, movies and documentaries. I unlocked the Droider sticker on GetGlue! Lily is funny but confused too.

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I like how she's desperate to get Marshall back. Get Glue lives on today as TVTag but without all the pomp, glamour and hype of old. Another victim of making sweeping changes that ended up alienating users rather than drawing them in is Klout. Yet it ended up disappointing us. The higher, the better.


Skrr skrr kids will never know. They reworked the algorithms that computed Klout scores and introduced stricter measures of influence. The end result was that Klout scores of everyone dropped and people had to work thrice as harder to see their Klout scores go up.

You could no longer wake up the next morning to see yourself zooming past other tweeps thanks to a single-digit increase in your Klout score. We all stopped using Klout. The famed Klout score became irrelevant.

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What does the Kiswahili word bwerere mean to you? That Overview that was making me smile sheepishly like a little girl every time it did its magic in the background? It has nothing on the real OG, Pesadroid. Pesadroid was the M-Ledger before M-Ledger. For a moment, it shone.

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It failed to catch up with the times and maintained its dated interface. It also took long to be updated to reflect new M-Pesa rates. As a result, when someone else offered us a better proposition in the form of M-Ledger, we were all so glad to part with Kshs to unlock the premium features of our new catch. Unfortunately, that also meant the beginning of the end of Pesadroid as we knew it.

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While the app, famous for casual flirting among the young, still lives on, its lustre has since waned as the lust and tastes of those it once served advanced. And, well, Samantha apparently, according to Google, Kenyans are really curious about Samantha. It beats logic to hop onto Twitter and type both the name of the song and the artiste and then go a step further and add the all-too-familar hashtag that broadcasts your music tastes to the world, NowPlaying.

That, in a nutshell, is what Soundtracking did. It even went the extra mile of detecting the songs, like the now-Apple-owned Shazam does. And we loved it because of that.

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It is the only service that enticed me into sharing my music with an audience I mostly ignore: Unfortunately, Rhapsody those people whose bloatware you find on your machine when you buy a new HP computer bought Soundtracking and that was the end of the service. The app is nowhere to be found on the Play Store. Spotify has stepped up and stepped in to fill its shoes. Have something that you believe I need to have a look at?

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Hit me up: Home Apps Throwback: Twidroyd This was the very first social media application I installed on my first Android smartphone. Foursquare Oh Foursquare! Gmail for Android updated in the wake of massive phishing scam targeting Google Doc users. Evernote wants us all to share notes more with its new Android-only tool.

Spread the word on social media: Mula app receives fresh coat of paint in latest update Previous post. We took down , developers from the Play Store because of malicious apps - Google Next post. Emmanuel Chenze Have something that you believe I need to have a look at? You might like this. Safaricom Home app updated to include access to home insurance plans Emmanuel Chenze February 9, Latest update to Facebook Messenger lets users delete sent messages Emmanuel Chenze February 6,