Vedic astrology app for iphone

This app offers a personalized horoscope with predictions, moon sign horoscopes, insightful readings, as well as your charts, which are usually only provided by apps for an additional charge! With so much offered and no cost, this app is worth the download!

iPhemeris ®

Queen of Astrology, Susan Miller, has been updating her fans with horoscopes since Miller provided her fans with their horoscopes for 10 years through the app, Astrology Zones Premier. Miller also provides her fans with Twitter feed, notes and upcoming appearances through the app. The reviews were almost all five or four stars for its accurate monthly horoscopes and information until last summer.


Miller had a series of health issues, which delayed her horoscope reports, resulting in negative reviews. As stated on his website, The Leo King aims to bring a sense of clarity to the subject that is misunderstood by many: The Leo King app offers weekly readings for each of the 12 zodiac signs, as well as a weekly explanation of the current positions and influences of the planets in the universe.

Astrology Apps for the Mobile Devices

Each of these readings are delivered by The Leo King through a video. The Leo King is known for his unique and entertaining approach to astrology, as well as his highly accurate readings. Let us know if you have experience with the apps we chose and what you think!

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We also love input from our community to keep us in the "know" about the latest and greatest developments in the world of Astrology, so please don't hesitate to share any apps you love that we don't have listed here. She brings her extensive background in business, psychology, media and internet-marketing to the world of Astrology, with the intention of making its wisdom accessible, tangible and applicable for those interested in living a purposeful, passionate and harmonious life.


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Story from Horoscopes. All too often, keeping up with all the movements and shifts in astrology feels like playing an endless game of catch up.

11 Apps Every Astrology Enthusiast Needs On Their Phone

Missing out on the umpteenth Mercury retrograde or full moon can make any horoscope fan wish they could have all that info at their fingertips — literally. Luckily, there's a whole realm of astrology-related mobile apps to explore. From ones that deliver straightforward daily horoscopes to ultra-informative apps that can turn a beginner into an expert, there's an app out there for every kind of astrological enthusiast.

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Ahead, we've rounded up our absolute favorite astro apps. And if your phone still doesn't feel spiritually complete after browsing our picks, check out our guide to more witch-friendly apps here.

‎AstroSage Kundli on the App Store

From the "bomb cyclone" to the "polar vortex," it seems like there are infinite ways to name and typify the cold winter weather and depressing vibe that. While the January New Year glow has worn off for many of us, tomorrow marks another opportunity to refresh: As much as we adore tropical astrology the system that's typically followed in the West , Chinese astrology can tell you just as much, if not more, about. On Sunday night, there's set to be a rare "super blood wolf moon" from 9: EST to Despite the werewolf undertones of its name, a.